Performance Ponies at Stud;

Hools Rising High, Stallion; Sire Wells Highlight II, Dam Wells Fyona, born 2010.

Rising was lightly backed as a 3yr old in 2013. In 2016 he was brought back in to work. Hes had a great year ridden by Rebecca at the ORC Show he achieved 1st NPS Scotland Novice M&M Small Breed Ridden(Blair Qualifier), 1st NPS Scotland Open M&M Small Breed Ridden(Blair Qualifer).

In July he attended the PBSA Evaluations in Shetland where he got a Gold award for his Ridden and a Silver award for Long Reining.

In August he was Overall Performance Champion at the Voe Show.

Hools High Definiton, Stallion; Sire Wells Highlight II, Dam Merkisayre Poppy, Born 2010.

Definition was backed in 2013. In 2016 he has competed at the ORC Dressage League as well as attending the PBSA Evaluations where he was awarded silver for his ridden test.

Hools Major High; Sire Wells Highlight II, Dam Strocherie Ennya, born 2010 & gelded in 2013.

Major High was broken to ride in the spring of 2014. He had a great year in his first year competing as a ridden pony, with two 1st places at the East & County Shows.

In 2015 he competed as a Lead rein pony with his 2 year old rider Layla. They've got off to a great start getting a 3rd place in a M&M ridden class & a 1st place in the Lead Rein / First Ridden class at the ORC WW show.

In 2017 Hools Major High is now competing in Driving Class. He achieved a 3rd at his first show in June.

Sold Performance Ponies

Hools Eudora - Lead Rein / First Ridden

Hools Royal Stamp - Driving

Hools Royal Diva - Ridden

Hools Angelina - Ridden

Hools Vicci - Lead Rein

Hools Ann - Lead Rein / First Ridden

Hools Contender - Driving

Hools Voyager - Driving / Lead Rein

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Performance Ponies Past;

Strocherie Ennya; Sire Wells Major, Dam Westpark Ebony born 2005 was purchased in 2009. She was broken in 2011.

Ennya has done very well at the shows, East Mainland Lead Rein 1st 2011 & 2012, 2nd 2014 & 2015, County Lead Rein 1st 2011 & 2012, 2nd 2014 & 2015, ORC Lead Rein Champion 2012, 1st 2014 and qualified for Blair International Horse Trials

Ennya has bred 2 super foals, her son Hools Major High is following in her footsteps in performance.

Ennya was sold in the summer of 2016 to Yorkshire where she'll continued as a ridden Shetland.

Heather of Hools born in 2004; Sire Mister Magenta of Hools, Dam Fara of Quoydandy. Heather of Hools was the first Hools Pony to be broken since I took over the stud.

She started off in the Lead rein classes winning the 2010 East Mainland, County & 2011 ORC Show. In August 2011 she was in the first ridden class at the County Show getting a 1st & 3rd in the Shetland Pony Grand National.

Heather of Hools was sold to Yorkshire in 2012 & is continued to be used as a performance pony.

Veltigar Mona (Ladybird)

Janette of Hools & Janey of Hools

Illona of Hools, pictured here in 1968 ridden by Shona Barnett (Wood).

Illona of Hools was the 5th registered Hools pony. She was born in 1963, Sire Spainard of Marshwood, Dam Inga of Lynn. She had one foal in 1966 which was exported to Denmark. Illona of Hools was sold to Messers Wood of Berridale in 1967. Photo courtsey of Laura Cromarty (Wood).

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